34ft. ACSI Shower Trailer

3 Private Shower Stalls

Three Private Shower Stalls  Three Private Shower Stalls
  Two Sinks   Two Sinks
  One Entrance and Exit Doors   One Entrance and Exit Doors
Built-in Trash Receptacle
Large Vanity Mirrors
Interior Lighting
Paper towel dispenser
Soap dispenser
Air Conditioning/Heating
Self-Closing Faucet
3-200 Gallon Holding tanks to accommodate 200 showers
Shower water dispensed by pull chain for metered washes
4-15 Gallon Propane tanks for constant heating of showers.
  • Trailer requires a Certificate of Insurance naming Rightway as Additionally Insured and Loss Payee
  • 25% Deposit required to reserve equipment, deposit is non-refundable within 14 days of event date.
  • Requires Two dedicated 110-Volt /2- 20 AMP separate GFI protected circuit within 35ft.
  • Water Source within 25′ (Standard Garden Hose Connection)
  • Direct sewer connection is capable.
  • Requires 3 business days’ notice to set.
  • 3-200 Gallon holding tanks to accommodate approximately 200 showers.
  • Shower water is dispensed by a pull chain for metered washes.
  • 4-15 Gallon Propane tanks for constant heating of water.
  • Lessee is responsible for filling propane tanks on shower trailer, otherwise Rightway will fill at the cost of $7.50 per gallon.
Charity Events
Sporting Events
Company Picnics
Family Reunions
Promotional Events
Corporate Events