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Why Do I Need A Septic Pump?

Household waste water flows into the septic tank where the liquid wastes are separated from the solid wastes. Grease and other wastes that float form a scum layer at the top of the septic tank. This material is retained in the tank by vertical baffles.

The heavier solids settle to the bottom. The settling process takes about 24 Septic-Truck-Cutout-300x148hours. Naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria break down and digest the organic material found in the waste water. This process produces sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the septic tank. The sludge and settled solids must be periodically removed to insure that they do not block the outlet or spill into the secondary treatment system.

Quality Septic Tank Pumping

Don’t wait until your system shows signs of failure to begin maintenance. You should have a Septic  Service Professional inspect your septic tank once a year. Solids that accumulate in the septic tank need to be periodically removed before problems occur. Keep a detailed record of inspections, pumping, repairs and other maintenance.

Maintain Sludge And Scum Buildup

If the sludge and surface scum combined are one-third or more of the liquid depth of your tank, have its contents pumped and properly disposed of. To prevent possible damage to the baffles and/or tees, be sure the contractor uses the manhole and not the inspection ports for pumping. Have all contents removed from the tank.

Rightway provides septic system C-42 Certification services for home owners, real estate, and property management companies throughout Southern California. We provide our customers with a C-42 Certificate the same day, then we submit completed paperwork to the local Department of Environmental Health.

Septic tank systems can be the source of a common horror story for new homeowners. After purchasing a new home, the family moves in and within a week the sewage is backing up into the house. Bad odors, waste water outside near the tank, slow drainage, and other symptoms suddenly arise to the new owners dismay. This is why a C-42 Certification is required when transferring ownership of a home on septic. C-42 Certifications are done by authorized septic professionals to ensure a new homeowner isn’t left with a surprise after purchasing a new home.

C-42 inspections are required for most real estate transactions. Rightway is your best local choice for C-42 Certification services. Our knowledgeable experts come to the project location or residential address on time and with a smile. Rightway’s technician will locate the septic tank and all parts of the septic system including the seepage pit, leech lines, and risers. The customer is given paperwork showing the location of the septic system, then we submit needed paperwork to the local Department of Environmental Health.

C-42 – Sanitation System Contractor
California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications
Walex Products BIO-ACTIVE Septic Tank Treatment

Can-and-Packets-300x184One jar of Walex Products BIO-ACTIVE septic tank treatment contains a twelve-month supply. Simply drop one packet in the toilet and flush. Use once a month to help maintain a healthy septic system. Use of BIO-ACTIVE restores the biological population of good worker bacteria and enzymes which reduce solids. The beneficial bacteria also get carried over to the leech field to reduce solids and help prevent clogging. A clogged leech field is the biggest problem for septic systems, the hardest and most costly to repair.

12 Individual Packets (12 month supply)
Super Concentrated
Billions Of Bacteria And Enzymes Per Dose
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Manufacturer: Walex Products Company
Distributor: Rightway Site Services Inc.

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