Hot Water Sinks and Hand-Wash Solutions

Portable hand-wash stations provide quick access for hand-washing at many types of special events, and other places where these accommodations are not readily available.

Food vendors have a set of unique regulations for food preparation. Up to four temporary food facilities may share a common utensil washing area if it is centrally located and adjacent to all of the sharing facilities. A portable water supply of twenty gallons per booth must be provided for utensil washing. This amount does not include water for food preparation. All liquid waste must be captured in a waste tank that is at least 50% greater in size than the fresh water supply

Hot Sink

Great solution for hot hand-washing
Stainless steel
Requires 50 amp 240v power source
2 and 3 compartment sinks available
Pot scrubber
Pre-rinse faucet
Separate hand-wash faucet
Built-in towel dispenser
Units are completely self-contained
200 gallon holding tank
Requires water source

3 Compartment Hot Sink

Drain boards give you extra room
Overhead protection
Hot/Cold running water
Deck mount pre-rinse faucet
18″ double jointed faucet
Separate hand-wash faucet
Soap dispenser
Folding drain boards
Self-contained sump pump
Instantaneous water heater 220v
Water inlet with regulator
Built-in plumbing clean out
Canvas skirt (covers plumbing area)

All temporary food facilities that prepare food must have a three compartment sink where they can wash, rinse, and sanitize their utensils. The sink must also provide portable water. The County of Riverside requires hand-wash facilities within 300 feet of a food vendor.