Construction Sites + Portable Toilets = Happy Workers

When you’re bidding on a long term job in the Riverside County it takes time, it takes effort and it takes your expertise as a building professional.   Once you have won the opportunity to show that customer what you can do for them now it’s up to your workers to do their job, efficiently and effectively.  The last thing you probably think about is your portable toilets.  Restroom visits are a “hidden cost” for construction projects.  Not having enough porta-potties on site in the right place for your team makes for an unhappy and ultimately an unsuccessful workforce.

This negative impact can affect your budget by not having a happy effective workforce behind you.  A trained site service consultant can help.

In some cases, it’s as simple as adding an additional toilet. How?  Call us and we can discuss this with you.

We offer:

  • Portable toilets – special needs toilets available
  • Toilet trailers
  • Hand washing stations
  • Holding Tanks

We can help you answer the following questions:

  • How many toilets do I need to keep my workers’ wait time to a minimum?
  • How many hand washing stations do I need?
  • Should I provide showers?
  • Where can I locate the toilets to minimize worker downtime and maximize efficiency?

There are many variables that can affect your project’s success.  Don’t let portable toilets have a negative impact on your bottom line!