Freestanding Hand Sanitizer

Portable hand-sanitation stations provide quick access for hand-washing at many types of special events, and other places where these accommodations are not readily available.

The ability to wash hands after using the facilities helps makes your event sanitary. At events it also makes guests feel more comfortable about using the facilities. While we do offer portable restrooms with sinks inside, but sometimes a portable hand-sanitation station can be more efficient and effective. It’s a great idea to have a hand-sanitation station new food vendors and near your toilets to keep flow of use moving.

Tip-resistant design
Durable, one-piece construction
Wide weather roof guards dispensers
Fits easily inside restroom for safe transport
Holds foam, 800 ml or 1000 ml dispensers
Dispensers mount up to 42” off ground
Base holds up to 200 pounds of water for superb stability
Easy-fill, easy-drain base