16ft. Restroom Trailer

16ft. x 12ft. – Avg. # of uses 800

Two private stalls One Private Stall
One Porcelain Urinal
*Entry/Exit on Ends *Entry/Exit On Ends
Flushing Toilets
Interior Lighting
Soap dispenser
Dual Paper Rolls
Sanitary Seat Covers
Hot water Heater
Paper towel dispenser
Air Conditioning/Heating
Self-closing faucet
Wall Mirror
Built-in Trash Receptacle
  • Trailer requires a Certificate of Insurance naming Rightway as Additionally Insured and Loss Payee
  • 25% Deposit required to reserve equipment, deposit is non-refundable within 14 days of the event date.
  • Requires One dedicated 110-Volt / 20 Amp Non GFI Protected Circuit within 35 ft.
  • Water Source within 25′ (Standard Garden Hose Connection)
  • Direct sewer connection capable.
  • Requires 3 business days’ notice to set.
  • All trailers require a pump dry work order.
  • Area Required for set up 16ft x 12ft.